Live Wild & Free

The Longboarding lifestyle is an innovative and limitless art.  At Indy Longboards, we strive to create designs which evoke passion and inspiration.  Our boards are aesthetically pleasing and deserve to be showcased in your home or office.  However, the freedom in riding our boards is how to truly appreciate them. 

Our work is defined by tradition and style. It's your choice where to take it. 


Johnny Fullmer

Growing up in Crested Butte Colorado Johnny started snowboarding in 1982, before any North American resort allowed snowboards on the chairlifts. With a Burton board strapped on his back he would hike the up the ski trails for a chance to ride. At 10 years old his love for riding and skateboarding was born.  

His passion for design, art, and travel inspired him to want to create Indy Longboards. While in Tamerindo Costa Rica on a surf trip the thoughts of creating a brand started. Over the 10 days on coast of the Pacific Johnny realized that most of the Surf Boards there were with out a brand or logo. They were beautiful Surf Boards, but he believed they were missing a connection to the rider. On the flight home he started sketching out designs of longboards and surfboards.

He met Mike Moulton in the summer of 2015’, within a few days Mike had branded and designed the feather logo. This was an invaluable piece to Indy Longboards.

Johnny currently lives in Salt Lake City Utah. 

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Q and A

  • What do you always have with you? Camera, Frisbee, Longboard, and Passport.
  • Favorite longboard ride? 10 hours south of Tijuana Mexico I rode 30 a mile of section of Mexico Hwy 1 down the BaJa California.
  • Kids? 3 Austin - 22 @austinfullmer, Brooklyn - 20 @dance11brooklyn, McKenna - 19 @kfullms (Currently in Peru for 18 months) missing that girl everyday.
  • Food? Hamburgers, Pizza & Nachos.

Michael Moulton

As a designer, producer, marketer and chief music snob at Indy, Mike makes sure Indy boards and apparel are thoughtfully designed. Passionate about design, marketing, and the development of his craft. Michael has worked with with global brands (Visa, Overstock), and have been part of building more than a few of his own (MX, Indy).

A classically trained artist, Michael loves what he does, and along the way a few people have given some love back. A multiple award winning designer, Mike has received: 12 Telly Awards, 3 W3 Awards, 2 Webby's. In addition to his professional accolades, Mike (AKA Lava) is a musician, traveler and dog lover.

Growing up in the shadow of the Teton Mountains in Idaho, Mike started with outdoor sports young. He started snow skiing at 4,  water skiing at 7 and is now an avid skier/boarder/life enjoyer. Mike now lives in Salt Lake, Utah and takes full advantage of the region's beautiful slopes and streets. 

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Q and A

  • Do you have an awesome vinyl record collection? Why yes I do! Thank's for asking.
  • Favorite longboard ride? It's hard to beat Provo Canyon. 
  • Pets? A dog, Bentley - 3 (28 in dog years)
  • Food? Burgers, Curry & Sushi

Behind the Scenes